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This brow liner features a retractable micro tip that does not require any sharpening and once streamlined helps to define and fill in brows with hairlike precision.

Mary Kay Precision Brow Liner

15,00£ Precio
13,50£Precio de oferta
  • Mary Kay® Precision Brow Liner features a thinner, more fragile tip.

    Your ULTIMATE BROW GUIDE  check out this guide for all the face-framing details you need for beautiful brows

    • To avoid breakage, do not twist up tip all the way.
    • Twist up just enough product to line, define and fill in brows with featherlight strokes.

    Achieving perfectly shaped and shaded eyebrows has never been easier. Mary Kay® Precision Brow Liner allows you to define your best brows with hairlike precision. With a tip so tiny, it’s easy to stay in control and make feathery strokes exactly where you want them. From subtle to bold — the blendable, buildable color allows you to put your best brows forward any way you choose.

    No matter your brow know-how, with this smooth-glide liner, you’ll be an expert. Select the shade that best complements your hair color, and make soft strokes for natural-looking brows with true definition and a fuller appearance. Then face your day without fear — the lifeproof claim means your perfectly polished brows won’t smudge, smear or fade whatever the workday, workout or weather.

    For more information follow Sandi on her Mary Kay online shop

    • Long-lasting colour
    • Smudge-resistant
    • Lightweight
    • Available in five shades to complement most hair colour
    • Clinically tested
    • Dermatologist-tested
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