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REVEAL THE PEEL  with TimeWise Repair® Revealing Radiance™ Facial Peel

Thanks to the powder of glycolic acid, skins own natural renewal process is enhanced as younger-looking, more radiant skin is revealed!

Plus, it contains ans exclusive blend of calming botanical extracts and a marine extract shown to help provide essential hydration!


  • Skin looks brighter.
  • Skin texture is significantly improved.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles look reduced.
  • Skin tone looks more even.
  • See clinically tested results in two weeks!*


How It Works

The glycolic acid in Revealing Radiance™ Facial Peel goes to work immediately, removing dead skin cells from skin’s top surface layer.

It also works on the remaining surface layers, breaking apart the bonds holding together thousands of other skin-dulling dead cells, so they also can be released.

Skin’s radiance is revealed, skin smoothness is significantly improved, fine lines and wrinkles look reduced, and skin looks rejuvenated and revitalized with a more even tone.

This formula is not only effective, it’s gentle enough to use twice a week.

That’s because the glycolic acid is paired with an exclusive blend of calming botanical extracts, † including a marine extract that has been shown to help provide essential hydration †


Contact Sandi for a personalised skincare consultation and service.

When you are ready to order, sent it in via email or the website and Sandi will contact you, payment will be taken upon ascertaining you are happy with your selection.

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Revealing Radiance Facial Peel

55,00£ Precio
49,50£Precio de oferta
    • Thoroughly cleanse and dry skin.

      • Apply a thin layer of Revealing Radiance™ Facial Peel on the face, avoiding the eye area, and massage gently into the skin.

      • After 10 minutes, rinse skin thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.

      • Apply twice a week, in the evenings, after cleansing skin and before applying any serums or moisturizers, allowing three days between each application.

      • When using a glycolic peel, it is normal to feel a slight, temporary sensation such as tingling. Please be aware that the product is working even if you don’t feel a sensation.

      • The Revealing Radiance™ Facial Peel is formulated to be removed after 10 minutes and followed by the next steps in your skin care regimen. It is not meant to be left on overnight.



    • Glycolic Acid

    • A highly effective exfoliant and the most widely recognized alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA).

    • It also has the reputation of being among the safest.

    • Marine Extract

     • Since some people can experience dryness after using a peel, the formula also contains a marine extract which has been shown to have hydrating benefits. †

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