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Sandi's Beauty.

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You won't know unless you try 
Best Case Scenario you will have a great selection of quality skincare and make-up products contained in your Starter Kit, all at 60% discount.
You'll meet new people, Learn New skills, have fun. you'll find you get really good at what you do, when you are earning money and company commissions you change your life, your family's as well as others'  

Worst Case Scenario: if you think a Mary kay career is not for you or you change your mind you can return your unused Starter Kit within 30 days to Mary Kay and get a refund of its cost; or if you terminate your Agreement and return the original and unused Starter Kit to the Company after the cancellation period and within one (1) year of purchase, the company repurchases such Starter Kit at ninety percent (90%) of the original net cost.

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As a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant you start earning commission and FREE products straight away!

ASK me how you get started by calling/text me on 07798 632 988, WhatsApp messageemail or follow the next 3 easy steps:

1) Click on this link Be a Beauty Consultant in UK o👇 the red button below. If you live in Ireland click here 👈

2) If the page times out please scroll down to THIS IS THE BEGINNING of something beautiful  

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On the Start Something Beautiful Today page, click the  >> Sign up now  button

Then begin by Start a new agreement: enter your mobile number and click to receive a 4-digit-verification code via text and on the following screen add your personal information