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You won't know unless you try 
Best Case Scenario you will have a great selection of quality skincare and make-up products contained in your Starter Kit, all at 60% discount.
You'll meet new people, Learn New skills, have fun. you'll find you get really good at what you do, when you are earning money and company commissions you change your life, your family's as well as others'  

Worst Case Scenario: if you think a Mary kay career is not for you or you change your mind you can return your unused Starter Kit within 30 days to Mary Kay and get a refund of its cost; or if you terminate your Agreement and return the original and unused Starter Kit to the Company after the cancellation period and within one (1) year of purchase, the company repurchases such Starter Kit at ninety percent (90%) of the original net cost.

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As a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant you start earning commission and FREE products straight away!

ASK me how you get started by calling/text me on 07798 632 988, WhatsApp messageemail or follow the next 3 easy steps:

1) Click on this link Be a Beauty Consultant in UK o👇 the red button below. If you live in Ireland click here 👈

2) If the page times out please scroll down to THIS IS THE BEGINNING of something beautiful  


On the Start Something Beautiful Today page, click the  >> Sign up now  button

Then begin by Start a new agreement: enter your mobile number and click to receive a 4-digit-verification code via text and on the following screen add your personal information

3) Continue and enter Recruiter ID 038982 (Unit ID 0142) this qualifies you to earn a FREE Clinical Solutions Set® worth £95* T&C apply - see below*

Ensure all your details are correct especially your email address so to verify your application and future login. Once you've made your payment you and I will receive a confirmation with your new consultant number too.

Congratulations 🥳 You are now a brand new consultant!

Welcome to the Pink World of Mary Kay





Select your New 2022 Starter Kit 

Join TODAY with either the New Starter Kit at ONLY £55 (worth over £140) or choose the New -Hero Collection plus the Starter Kit for just £195(worth over £389) then earn an amazing amount of FREE products plus incentives - see below

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starter kit_edited.jpg
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starter kit hero_edited.jpg

❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜 💙 💚 💛 ❤️


The Benefits are:

👩 Get between 30-40% discount on your own personal shopping!

💚 Earn 30-40% profit on everything you sell to everyone you know

💙 Achieve company set goals to earn free products you can sell to customers at 100% profit

💜 Earn between 4-12% company commission when you have 3 or more team members

❤️ Be your own boss: work part-time or full-time at a pace that suits you

💛 Work your own hours to suit your job or/and family/other commitments 👨👩👧👦

❤️ Have an extra income stream to fall back on or to fund a goal ie: holiday, kids college fees etc...

💛 Receive rewards, bonuses and promotions ie: go up the Career Levels

💜 Earn the use of a company career car with no maintenance expenses

💚 A brand used by makeup 💄 artists and salons around the world!

❤️ Bronze and Silver Awards for Best UK Beauty Brand on the Global Makeup Awards

🌎 Recognised worldwide cosmetics company established over 57 years ago

💙 A company with its values that are your values and family come before your career

💜 Enjoy sharing award-winning WORLD 🌎 NUMBER 5 Skincare and Makeup Brands

❤️ Free training from the company, great team support 🙌🏻 👏🏻 and weekly meetings

💄  No targets or pressure. Get business tax allowances

😃 Enjoy the flexible and unlimited possibilities of running your beauty business 


When you build a team then your earnings are even greater with team commissions from 4-12% per month on top of everything you sell paid directly to you by the company.

✨ ️ ASK me more about how to get started - call me on 07798 632 988,  email me  or take the

Mary Kay Career Quiz to be in for a chance to win a further £25 worth of products. T&C apply




Mary Kay 2021 Welcome Kit Starter Pack
New Independent Beauty Consultant eg 1
New Independent Beauty Consultant eg 1

Place all 3 orders each 30 days within 90 days

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New Ind. Beauty Consultant eg 2
New Ind. Beauty Consultant eg 2

Places all 3 orders within 70 days

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New Ind. Beauty Consultant eg 4
New Ind. Beauty Consultant eg 4

Places 1 full order within the first 30 days

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New Independent Beauty Consultant eg 1
New Independent Beauty Consultant eg 1

Place all 3 orders each 30 days within 90 days

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*Terms & Conditions

Purchase the Starter Kit for only £55 or include also the Hero Collection for only £195 and then qualify with your first order and a mimimum of £200 or £380 or £500 cumulative orders in the first 30, 60 and 90 days you sign up you receive all the rewards/free products to the grand value of £238

* Or earn £337 worth of Free products when you achieve the following steps:

Upon signing up and if you go all out to put your first order in for £1080 in your first month of qualifying you get from me personally the

  • New Clinical Solutions Set ® worth £95*, see example 4 above - quote: MK2022FREECS 

Adding to my offer, you will then earn all the free products from the company offered in the 30, 60 or/and 90 days, see examples 1, 2.3 

  1. First 30 days earn products worth £95: Lipstick, Brow Tint, Eyeliners, Mineral Eye Shadows x2, Chromofusion Blush x 2 - when you achieve cumulative orders of minimum amount £200 

  2. Within the first 60 days earn these products worth £71: TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Refine, Hydrogel Eye Patches and Clear Proof Deep- Cleansing Charcoal Mask - when you achieve cumulative orders of minimum amount £380

  3. In your first 90 days you will earn the following all worth £72: Powder Foundation Brush, Mascara, Foundation Primer, Eye Primer and Eye Lash Primer - with your order investment of £500 or more.


*When you achieve all accumulative sales of £1080*, see examples 1-4 above.

  • Plus the discounted products that come in your New Welcome Kit worth over £340 which are full size retail products you can use as samples for your customers, your own use or sell 

All the above products will be earned in the first 3 months of signing up once the respective orders have been made to the company. If you miss one month you will miss the free products of that month.

All orders are made to the company at 60% wholesale i.e.:£500-60%=£300 that you pay, then when you sell the products to your customers at 100% retail to achieve 40% profit which in this case is £200. 60% wholesale you pay the company, 40% is your profit.

You can access InTouch links once you have your new beauty consultant number and from there you can access a) the very comprehensive New Consultants Corner for all you need to start your business and b) the acclaimed curriculum-based learning system Link & Learn.


**MK2022FREECS is a limited offer and can end at anytime and without notice

† win an amount worth of free products is only valid for the months shown on the red flashing banner and can end without notice

Mary Kay reach for the stars
Mary Kay Beauty Consultants Awards night

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┼┼┼┼╚╗╔╝║║♫═╦╦╦ ═╗╠╣╚╗┼┼┼┼
┼┼┼┼╔╝╚╗♫╚╣║║║║ ╩╣║║╔╣┼┼┼┼
┼┼┼┼╚═♫╝╚═╩═╩♫╩ ═╝╚╩═╝┼┼┼┼
★★  ★★ *˛ ˚♥* ✰ *˛★★    ❤   ★★

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